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Excellence in practice

Barnahus is recognised as a leading child-friendly, multidisciplinary model for child victims and witnesses of violence. The model is flexible and is adapted to many different national contexts. Different national contexts may generate and support different arrangements. However, in order to practice as a Barnahus, there are foundational criteria and standards that should guide the setup and practice in all countries.  

Guided by the Barnahus Quality Standards and the experience of Barnahus, the Competence Centre and the Barnahus Network promote excellence in practice in Barnahus.  

Our experts help Barnahus to develop practice so that it is in line with the international and national law, policy and guidance, including the Barnahus Quality Standards.  Through our On-site training & development facility and Peer Support we offer guidance and support on for example:  

  • How to set up a Barnahus – organisation, architecture and environment
  • MDIA Teams Procedures and checklists 
  • Case Management – the Promise Hub (in coordination with Network) 
  • Recording of evidence – technical 
  • Building a participatory environment in Barnahus 
  • Practical tools and checklists 
  • Quality Control – Accreditation  

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How we can help  

Courses and training

The Competence Centre at the PROMISE Barnahus Network can support your work on getting to yes through a variety of training, courses, and other interventions. Details coming soon. 

Support desk 

The Secretariat of the PROMISE Barnahus Network is the eyes and ears of the Network, and acts as a support desk for Network Members. We stand ready to field your questions and ideas, and to connect you to information and colleagues which might help.

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