Step 1

Getting to yes

All action to promote progress towards Barnahus begins with taking stock and determining where you are in the process of establishing and operating a Barnahus and what change needs to happen next.

The European Barnahus Network and the Competence Centre support countries to promote a national understanding and commitment to Barnahus, including through exchange and dialogue between relevant agencies in your country. We can also help to develop a national strategy towards establishing Barnahus that practice to the Barnahus quality standards.

Drawing on our studies, resources and the experience of Barnahus from across Europe, we together look at your specific context, including for example:

  • What are the main factors and dynamics that enable the establishment of Barnahus or a comparable model in your country?
  • What challenges or obstacles exist and how can they be overcome?
  • What action should you be taking to promote progress towards establishing Barnahus in your country?
  • What opportunities and resources for advocacy exist?


Find our related courses, publication, and other resources below, or move on to Step 2 – Creating an enabling environment. Read more >


Related publications

September 18, 2020

The PROMISE Barnahus Quality Standards

Barnahus Quality Standards, Child protection, Competent staff, Criminal investigation, Enabling environment, Establishing Barnahus, Excellence in practice, Getting to yes, Mental health, Multidisciplinary, Physical health

The PROMISE Barnahus Quality Standards are composed of underlying principles, specific activities and institutional arrangements that enable child-centred and effective, collaborative actions. Find out more and download the Standards...

Related webinars

Barnahus: what, why, and first steps

This recorded conference presentation gives an introduction to the Barnahus model, presents its benefits for professionals and children alike, and proposes resources for advocating for children and the continued development of national legislation and practice.


PROMISE 1 – the Webinar

This webinar features a deep dive into the PROMISE Advocacy tool, starting around 21:00 minutes in.

How we can help  

Courses and training

The Competence Centre at the PROMISE Barnahus Network can support your work on getting to yes through a variety of training, courses, and other interventions. Details coming soon. 

Support desk 

The Secretariat of the PROMISE Barnahus Network is the eyes and ears of the Network, and acts as a support desk for Network Members. We stand ready to field your questions and ideas, and to connect you to information and colleagues which might help.

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