How to Start a Barnahus

Each country has their own journey to launching their first Barnahus or similar service, which often becomes a key resource for any future services nationally. On this page you’ll find resources to learn about the different journeys countries have taken, what a  service could look like, and also how different countries structure structure their work.  

Enabling Child-Sensitive Justice

The Success Story of the Barnahus Model and its Expansion in Europe

This report provides an overview of how the Barnahus model has emerged and gradually expanded in Europe. It documents how government officials, practitioners, advocates and entrepreneurs have promoted the model, unyielding even when confronted with doubts, obstacles and adversities. The report identifies the factors and dynamics that have enabled the establishment of the Barnahus model and lessons learned. The accounts from Barnahus pioneers and leading agents of change offer reflections and observations that can guide the establishment of the Barnahus model in other countries.

What the inside of a Barnahus can look like

National Models

There are many ways to organise exactly who works together under one roof at Barnahus, how that work happens, and what the process looks like from initial report to trial. See several examples from around Europe in this album, and read the Barnahus Quality Standards to learn more.

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