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Mar 1, 2021

In establishing www.barnahus.eu, the Network has claimed a strategic piece of the internet, and assumed a duty to remain a key resource for anyone looking to learn more about Barnahus.

To meet that duty, the Network has elaborated the concept for its forthcoming Competence Centre, which will provide resources, tools and training on the basis of two different dimensions:

  • The steps to establish a Barnahus or similar setup, starting with step 1 getting to yes, all the way until step 5 achieving excellence in practice.
  • The ‘four rooms’ concept, including resources for achieving the Barnahus Quality Standards in each of the professional specialisations that sit within a Barnahus.

In the visuals which support these dimensions, the ‘house’ symbol remains central. This is not because the house is more important than putting the child in the centre. Rather, it is that putting the child in the centre demands an under-one-roof approach, where the professionals and the system bends to the needs of the child, and not the other way around. As interest grows throughout Europe about how to best provide multidisciplinary interagency services for child victims of violence, this will remain a key message.

From the 2020 Annual Report of the PROMISE Barnahus Network

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