The Criminal Justice Room

The criminal investigation in Barnahus, including the forensic interview, respects the procedural safeguards of both the child and the defendant. 

A child-friendly forensic interview is carried out according to an evidence-based protocol by a specialised forensic interviewer to secure the best possible evidence and to protect the child from (re)traumatization.

The interview is recorded and represents admissible evidence in Court.


The Barnahus Quality Standards puts forth the following guidance on the role and specialization of criminal justice at the Barnahus:

  • 1.2 Right to be heard and receive information
  • 1.3 Undue delay 
  • 2 Multidisciplinary interagency cooperation 
  • 3 Inclusive target group 
  • 4 Child-friendly environment
  • 5 Interagency case management
  • 6 Forensic interview
  • 9 Capacity building

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