Step 3 – Establishing the Barnahus

The establishment phase often includes many technical and logistical considerations for the setup and operation of a multidisciplinary interagency service, under one roof, for child victims of violence.

Questions about location, renovations, budgets for setup and operation, what the different physical rooms should – and shouldn’t – contain, the technical systems available that support the child welfare and criminal processes, and more.

The Competence Centre at the Barnahus Network supports countries to answer these technical questions, including through:

  • Real-life examples of how others have budgeted, consulted with children, set up their facilities, and more
  • Factsheets and other technical guidance
  • Specialized training modules, including tailor-made training upon request
  • Small group and 1-to-1 mentoring and networking opportunities
  • Study visits for professionals and policymakers


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