Competence Centre

The Competence Centre contributes to the establishment and operation of Barnahus and similar services with evidence–based and practice–based resources, such as: courses, research, lectures and other formats of expertise and exchange.


This support is available at all stages of establishing and operating Barnahus, and covering all professional competence included in the “four room” concept. Click through the stage or topics that apply to your current needs to find current resources and to learn how access tailor-made training.


Barnahus Network

Barnahus Step by Step

The Barnahus Network and Competence Centre supports stakeholders at all stages of establishing and operating Barnahus:

Step 1 – Getting to Yes

Getting to yes by promoting a national understanding and commitment to Barnahus.

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Step 2 – Enabling Environments

Creating an enabling environment that ensures the smooth running of Barnahus that are fully integrated in, and contribute to, child-friendly national justice and child protection systems.

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Step 3 – Establishing the Barnahus

Establishing the Barnahus in line with technical considerations and standards for the setup and operation of a multidisciplinary interagency service, under one roof, for child victims of violence.

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Step 4 – Competent & Committed Staff

Competent and Committed staff including through specialized training and peer support.

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Step 5 – Excellence in Practice

Excellence in practice in line with the international and national law, policy and guidance, including the Barnahus Quality Standards.

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Barnahus Network

The “Four Rooms”

The Competence Centre supports the specialization of professionals serving in each of the “four rooms,” including their role in providing a multidisciplinary interagency intervention:

The child protection room

Assessment of protection needs, following up the child victim and siblings in the family.

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The criminal justice room 

Including the forensic interview, respecting the procedural safeguards of both the child and the defendant, according to an evidence-based protocol by a specialised forensic interviewer, protecting the child from (re)traumatization. The interview is recorded and is admissible evidence in Court.

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The physical wellbeing room 

Offering medical examination and treatment which is child friendly and carried out by specialised staff, for forensic investigative purposes, ensures the child’s physical well-being and recovery.

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The mental wellbeing room

Offering mental health examination and treatment, including crisis support, short and long-term therapeutic services addressing the trauma of the child and non-offending family members and caretakers.

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The multidisciplinary foundation 

Achieving multidisciplinary and interagency collaboration managed through joint case management and review. Avoids (re)-traumatisation, and secures outcomes in the best interests of the child.

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Barnahus Network

About the Competence Centre

A key activity of the Network is establishing a European competence centre for Barnahus, and in doing so is building upon existing resources, trainings, and dialogues.

Activities include internationally recognised training in forensic interviewing, and university-level training in therapy.

Additional training modules cover topics on the EU legal context for Barnahus, establishing and working in multidisciplinary teams, practising interview and therapy skills with a child avatar before meeting children, and building a common understanding of child abuse across disciplines and countries.

Trainings on medical evaluation at the Barnahus have been delivered in previous projects, and routine coursework on this topic will soon be introduced in the competence centre. 

For more information on current and future offerings of the Comptence Centre, see the chart below.