Greater network map

IOur greater network map represents our best understanding of how countries been involved in developing and/or are working to implement the Barnahus Quality Standards in their national settings. It is usually updated a few times per year. 

The Barnahus Network does not endorse of any one service or approach as meeting the PROMISE Barnahus Quality Standards. Rather, membership in the Network is a commitment to work to progressively meet the Standards with support from peers from around Europe. 


The founders of the Barnahus Network, representing 13 countries, signed the statutes formalising the network in November 2019 in Helsinki. Since then, the network has grown to represent 43 organisations and individuals in 27 countries (as of April 2024). Many additional countries have expressed great interest to join.

The Barnahus Network is a hub for international exchange and cooperation promoting the Barnahus model as a standard practice in Europe for providing child victims and witnesses of violence with rapid access to justice in care.


Albania Barnahus Network Member
Armenia Consultation country
Belgium Barnahus Network Founder
Bulgaria Barnahus Network Founder
Catalonia Barnahus Network Member
Croatia Barnahus Network Founder
Cyprus Barnahus Network Founder
Czechia Barnahus Network Member
Denmark Barnahus Network Member
Egypt (not pictured) Consultation country
England Barnahus Network Founder
Estonia Barnahus Network Member
Faroe Islands Expert country
Finland Barnahus Network Founder
Georgia Barnahus Network Member
Germany Barnahus Network member
Greece Consultation country
Hungary Barnahus Network Member
Iceland Barnahus Network Founder
Ireland Barnahus Network Founder
Italy Consultation country
Kosovo Consultation country
Latvia Barnahus Network Member
Lithuania Consultation country
Luxembourg Consultation country
Malta Barnahus Network Member
Moldova Barnahus Network Member
Montenegro Consultation country
Netherlands Expert country
North Macedonia Consultation country
Northern Ireland Barnahus Network Member
Norway Barnahus Network Founder
Poland Barnahus Network Founder
Portugal Barnahus Network Member
Romania Consultation country
Scotland Barnahus Network Member
Serbia Consultation country
Slovakia Consultation country
Slovenia Barnahus Network Founder
Spain Barnahus Network Member
Sweden Barnahus Network Founder
Ukraine Consultation country
Wales Consultation country
Australia (not pictured) Barnahus Network Member



Become a Member

Improve practice

Have access to training, mentorship and practical tools, including University certified training in forensic interviews and therapy

Gain recognition

Gain accreditation by having access to training, support, mentoring and tools to benchmark progress.

Share expertise and learning

Help shape the European Barnahus Movement by having access to a broad network which actively engages in exchange and mutual learning

Extend outreach and visibility

Be a part of a broad professional network, visibility in European social media and opportunities to meet other professionals from across Europe