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Announcing new and updated member benefits

Announcing new and updated member benefits

There are many reasons to join the PROMISE Barnahus Network. As of 2021, we have added a few new ones, and updated a few of the original member benefits. Support when and where you need it: UPDATED! Support desk services, connecting members to exclusive, needs-based...

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Barnahus roadmap guidance and template

Barnahus roadmap guidance and template

The Barnahus roadmap guidance and template gives inspiration on how to document and communicate the strategy and progress towards establishing and operating a Barnahus, and for executing and monitoring the national Barnahus strategy. A simple and accessible format, the roadmap template facilitates: interagency agreement and internal alignment so that everyone works in a coordinated way towards the same goal; the exploration and planning of different options, scenarios and activities; and the communication of your vision and strategy to an external audience.

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PROMISE Barnahus Network

The PROMISE Barnahus Network celebrated its launch on 25th November 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. The celebration featured a ceremonial signing of the statutes and an exhibition about Barnahus

The Network is a formalisation of the European Barnahus Movement, which was launched in June 2017 in the presence of the EU Commissioner for Justice and Consumer Rights, and the UN Special Representative on Violence against Children. The launch of the movement confirmed Barnahus as a good practice, validated the Barnahus model as a widely accepted concept and consolidated the European network of Barnahus staff and interested government officials and practitioners.

Courses and Support

We proudly present our members.


Become a Member

Improve practice

Have access to training, mentorship and practical tools, including University certified training in forensic interviews and therapy

Gain recognition

Gain accreditation by having access to training, support, mentoring and tools to benchmark progress.

Share expertise and learning

Help shape the European Barnahus Movement by having access to a broad network which actively engages in exchange and mutual learning

Extend outreach and visibility

Be a part of a broad professional network, visibility in European social media and opportunities to meet other professionals from across Europe

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