Step 2 – Creating an enabling environment

Barnahus is not an island isolated from the context in which it is established. It is, and should be, associated to the legal, socio-economic and cultural context that it operates in.

The Competence Centre at the PROMISE Barnahus Network supports countries to work towards an enabling environment that ensures the smooth running of Barnahus that are fully integrated in, and are contributing to, child-friendly national justice and child protection systems. 

Drawing on our studies, resources and the experience of Barnahus from across Europe, we together look at factors that can contribute to an enabling environment for Barnahus in your country.

We explore and develop strategies to ensure that Barnahus plays an integral role in ensuring child-friendly justice and child protection:

  • Aware and supportive societies
  • Law and Policy
  • National procedures for criminal investigation, the judicial process, child protection and interagency collaboration
  • Sustainable Resources
  • Interagency commitment


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