Step 5 – Excellence in practice 

Barnahus is recognised as a leading child-friendly, multidisciplinary model for child victims and witnesses of violence. 

The model is flexible and is adapted to many different national contexts.

However, in order to practice as a Barnahus, there are foundational criteria and standards that should guide the setup and practice in all countries.  

Guided by the Barnahus Quality Standards and the experience of Barnahus, the Competence Centre promotes excellence in practice.  

Our experts help Barnahus to develop their practice so that it is in line with international and national law, policy and guidance, including the Barnahus Quality Standards, including through: 

  • How to set up a Barnahus – organisation, architecture and environment
  • MDIA Teams Procedures and checklists
  • Case Management – the Promise Hub (in coordination with Network)
  • Recording of evidence – technical
  • Building a participatory environment in Barnahus
  • Practical tools and checklists
  • Quality Control – Accreditation

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