Barnahus in the news – spring 2022
Jun 27, 2022

Announcing NEW Barnahus!

Slovenia – 27 May 2022

Moldova – 20 May 2022

Flensburg, Germany – April 2022

Schwerin, Germany – April 2022

Malta – January 2022

Georgia – Early 2022

Barnahus in the news

Cyprus – The Committee on the Rights of the Child concluded its consideration of the fifth and sixth combined periodic report of Cyprus. Bragi Gudbrandsson, Committee Expert and Coordinator of the Country Taskforce for Cyprus, commended the establishment of Children’s Houses in Cyprus for child victims of abuse, which had beautiful buildings and wonderful staff. He also welcomed that children were allowed to testify outside of courtrooms.

Ireland – Barnahus Galway won Specialist Care Centre Of The Year at the 2022 Irish Healthcare Centre Awards.

Scotland – has published their vision and values for Barnahus. “All children in Scotland who have been victims or witnesses to abuse or violence, as well as children under the age of criminal responsibility whose behaviour has caused significant harm or abuse will have access to trauma-informed recovery, support and justice.”

South Korea – based on an exchange with Norway from a few years ago and drawing on the Barnahus model, legal amendments are under discussion to allow audio-visually recorded investigative interviews with children in an independent space, and that the accused can refute the statements through the professional investigator. 

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