“Barnahus is here to stay” in Estonia
Dec 20, 2018

Estonian efforts to spread awareness about the value and importance of the Barnahus is paying off, as key officials express their commitment:  

  • At the opening of the Tallinn Barnahus in February 2018, the Head of Social Insurance Board Egon Veermäe stated that “Barnahus is here to stay.“
  • Prosecutor General Lavly Perling has stated that “Barnahus is a proven child-friendly model. Our mission is to fully adopt it in Estonia.“
  • At the opening of the Tartu Barnahus in September, Minister of Social Affairs Kaia Iva stated that, “Barnahus keeps spreading in Estonia because it works. We are thinking about third centre in East.“

Progress is also marked by key developments.

  • A National Inter-Agency Agreement was signed by the Head of Social Insurance Board, Head of Police and Border Guard Board, Head of State Prosecutor´s office and Head of Estonian Forensic Science Institute on 13th of June 2018.
  • The Ministries of Justice and Social Affairs have started reviewing the Code of Criminal Procedure, and set it a legislative priority for 2019.
  • The Social Insurance Board’s 2019 budget included expanded personnel costs. The national team is enlarged and mobile team members will start working part-time in East Estonia.
  • Due to the above, Barnahus is now accessible nationally.

The Social Insurance Board of Estonia undertakes this work as a PROMISE 2 partner.

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