Barnahus Linköping trains Cyprus on therapy models for cases of child abuse
Dec 6, 2018

On 5-6 December 2018, Hope for Children organised a training featuring Helena Asplund Carlqvist, Psychologist and Anna Nelson, Psychotherapist and Coordinator of Barnahus Linköping, Sweden. The main content of the training was on therapy models that are helpful for psychologists and social workers since they contain specific protocols and actions to be taken in cases of child abuse. The training was framed around the Barnahus Quality Standards and the need for a child-friendly justice system.

39 participants participated in the first day, representing the Children’s House, Cyprus Police, Social Welfare Services, General Attorney, Doctors, Supreme Court and ‘Hope for Children’ CRC Policy Center. The second day, 18 psychologists and social workers participated, representing the same agencies.

Further training of staff members and public services in specific therapeutic approaches would be welcome in Cyprus, with an emphasis on crisis intervention and developing therapeutic tools for professionals to help children and families.

The training was organised by Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center as part of the PROMISE 2 project.

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