Improvements to the National Coordination Mechanism are under consideration in Bulgaria
Dec 20, 2018

Work is underway to improve the Bulgarian National Coordination Mechanism for cases of child victims or at risk of violence and crises intervention. A working group, including PROMISE partner SAPI, has examined the gaps and put forth suggestions. Such changes include making it mandatory to have local coordination agreements in place, and to include specialised services such as the ‘Zona ZaKrila’ in these agreements and also the meetings of the National Coordination Mechanism.

A working group for creating a draft bill covering these suggestions has submitted a bill for consideration to the Council of Ministers. A key aim for SAPI, who lead the sub-group for interagency work, was for integrated services like the Zona ZaKrila to be officially recognised and funded.

SAPI is developing a roadmap advocating for concrete steps to achieve the goal of the proposed bill. 2 agreements for Cooperation have been signed so far, between Targovishte District Prosecution Office and Monatna District Court. The aim to have multi-lateral interagency agreements signed after the amendments to the National Coordination Mechanisms are adopted. Discussions are underway with the Ministry of Justice how to use the many hearing rooms (blue rooms) in a meaningful way, and also to gain the involvement of the judicial sector in cooperation agreements.

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