Launched: The European Barnahus Movement
Jul 1, 2017
The final conference of the PROMISE 1 project took place on 14 June 2017 at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, Belgium. More than 90 participants from 30 countries meet in Brussels on for the conference Launching the European Barnahus Movement. All of the presentations and photos are available at the project website. The conference advocated for child-friendly, multi-disciplinary and interagency services supporting child victims of violence. Several high-level speakers gave their support to the European Barnahus Movement, including Věra Jourová (remarks), European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, and Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General on Violence against Children. Bragi Guðbrandsson, lead expert, presented the Icelandic experience and how it has inspired the European Barnahus Movement. The expert panels discussed multi-disciplinary and interagency responses to violence against children in Europe and how the Barnahus Model embodies children’s rights. In this context, the European Barnahus Quality Standards document was launched. The conference featured support from high-level speakers, deep dives into topical issues, and the launch of the PROMISE tools and reports: Barnahus Quality Standards The first attempt in Europe to define the principles of the interventions and services referred to as the “Barnahus” model. Provides a common operational and organisational framework that promotes practices which prevent retraumatisation, while securing valid testimonies for Court, and complies with children’s rights to protection, assistance, and child-friendly justice. The success story of the Barnahus model and its expansion in Europe – identifies the factors and dynamics that have enabled the establishment of the Barnahus model. A comprehensive overview of the legal framework and authoritative guidance concerning the rights of child victims and witnesses across the EU, Council of Europe and United Nations. Tracking Tool A self-evaluation tool for MD/IA services to track progress against the Barnahus Quality Standards. Advocacy Guidance Aims to help you develop national and regional advocacy strategies to promote progress on Barnahus.
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