Network updates June 2021
Jun 22, 2021

During this period, the Network has been building partnerships and applying for funding – two key backbones of our work that enable the vibrant exchange of knowledge and practice, and the development of resources and tools. More to come on the results of these investments later this year.

This period has also seen a number of notable developments across the region:

  • Countries launching their first Barnahus, such as Slovenia later this year, and Ukraine already now.
  • New locations which have recently opened or will open soon, such as in Germany, Hungary, and Poland.
  • Construction is underway in Moldova and Scotland.
  • New commitments for opening or updating service have been announced, including a pilot in Cantabria, Spain, and a new specially designed building in Tarragona, Spain.
  • New laws have been passed, such as the comprehensive Barnahus law in Slovenia, and a Children’s Law in Spain which makes recorded testimony mandatory for children under 14. Also in Sweden, where it is now a crime to expose children to violence, and therefore child witnesses are now also considered victims by law.
  • New projects have been launched, such as an EEA funded project to support early developments in Portugal, and another EEA funded project in Latvia to fund the establishment and launch of national services.
  • A long list of countries have benefited from trainings provided by the PROMISE Barnahus Network, with plans in place to provide more even countries with trainings in the second half of the year.
  • And certainly much more than this …

Be in touch to make sure your news is included in our regular updates on Barnahus developments throughout Europe and even beyond.

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