Presenting the #EUBarnahus Exhibition
Jan 1, 2020

In conjunction with the launch of the PROMISE Barnahus Network, we also unveiled an exhibition – both in-person and online – about support for Barnahus and Network. The exhibition featured the voices of officials, professionals and – most importantly – children!

“To ensure all children are protected and no child is left behind, we need more integrated and child-friendly services for child victims of violence. By connecting professionals and promoting a multi-sectoral, child-rights approach, the Network will play a key role in making this a reality.” – Ms Najat Maalla Mjid, UN Special Representative on Violence against Children

“Can I invite X (therapist) to my birthday?”  – 4 year old girl in therapy at Barnahus Iceland

The proliferation of Barnahus in Europe has delivered evidence-based ingredients to promote child-friendly and multiagency responses to child abuse in diverse contexts, and in line with the protective and participatory rights of the child as embodied in the UN CRC. We have learned that sharing of experiences across regions is a prerequisite for making progress. This is why we need the Barnahus Network. – Mr Bragi Guðbrandsson, Member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

The child’s experience of the process has become more central, and all the parties involved are better protected under the law. – Finnish prosecutor

The launch of the Network is a very welcome development, and the fruit of a true European cooperation. It is very positive to see that EU Funding has contributed to further strengthening an integrated approach to child protection systems, also across borders. – Ms Valeria Setti, European Commission Coordinator for the Rights of the Child

“If it wasn’t for your help I probably wouldn’t have gone to court and been able to stand up for myself like that.” Child’s quote from The Lighthouse, England.

“Protection of children from all forms of violence is our shared responsibility, one we can better fulfil through cooperation, adoption of good practices and sharing experiences. I am confident that the Promise Network will crucially strengthen our efforts in achieving this common goal.” – Dr. Dominika Švarc Pipan, State Secretary, Slovenian Ministry of Justice

Since opening in 2016, approximately 800 children who might have been sexually abused received professional complex services at the Barnahus in Vilnius.  – Globos namai „Užuovėja“, Lithuania

Violence requires our full attention. We are dedicated to prevention, service expansion, and competence building. – Ms Marija Pletikosa, State Secretary, Croatian Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy

“This Center is wonderful. The people here are great. Don’t be afraid, they just want to help us. It doesn’t matter if we were emotionally or sexually abused, they are really wonderful…” Child’s quote from the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, Croatia

“I fully endorse the significant and positive impact Barnahus makes in the lives of children who experience the trauma of violence, abuse or exploitation in any form. Our aim should be that every child victim can access the multitude of services required for their full recovery in this way. Thus, the timely development of the Promise Network to ensure harmonisation, consolidation and sharing of good practice in the care of children across Europe under the Barnahus model is to be very much welcomed.” – Ewa Kopacz, European Parliament Vice President and European Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Rights

“At the beginning I was a little scared … but as soon as my mother and I entered the waiting room, a nice lady welcomed us … I like to come here. “- Kasia, 8 years, Barnahus Warsaw Empowering Children Foundation, Poland

I would like to express my most profound appreciation for the formalisation of the international collaboration to support child victims of violence, by establishing the Promise Barnahus Network under the leadership of the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat. It is an essential tool to galvanise continued and intensified support for the European Barnahus Movement, promote harmonisation of good Barnahus practice across Europe and to build a competent and committed Barnahus workforce across Europe.  As Latvia currently is in an active reformation process of the child protection system as well as actively working on the establishment of Barnahus, I am very much looking forward to productive collaboration within the Promise Barnahus Network. – Ms Ramona Petraviča, Minister for Welfare of the Republic of Latvia

“Everyone gets help in here. Talk openly about your worries and you’ll receive help. No one is alone. We help each other. We care for each other. We love each other.“ Child’s quote from Barnahus Tallinn, Estonia

The Promise Barnahus Network is a celebration of the generosity and vibrant commitment across disciplines and countries who are sharing, learning, and working together to deliver excellence in practice for child victims and witnesses of violence. We are so very proud to host the Promise Barnahus Network – a home for continued exchange, learning, innovation and advocacy to promote Barnahus and progress against the Barnahus Quality Standards in Europe and beyond. – Ms Olivia Lind Haldorsson, Head of the Children at Risk Unit, Council of the Baltic Sea States

“Very good, a little nervous at first, but very nice to talk to a police officer who can fix things … so that they will be OK. They understood a lot when I talked about things that are quite difficult to understand.” Child’s quote from Barnahus Linköping, Sweden

The spread of the Barnahus model is our best response to all forms of child abuse which, sadly, still exist in our societies. The launch of the Network is another proof of the merits of European cooperation – in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. I am proud that the CBSS Expert Group is at the forefront of this movement and our small Children at Risk team at the Secretariat have spared no effort and devotion for the Promise Network to happen. – Ms Maira Mora, Director General of the CBSS Secretariat

We are proudly looking back at many years of excellent collaboration in Heidelberg, in the field of child protection. We currently have the opportunity with the Childhood House to pool existing resources even more efficiently, in order to utilize them in the best interest of children. – Staff at Childhood Haus, Heidelberg

From 2015, the Council of Europe has recognised and promoted Barnahus as a promising practice for the provision of support for child victims and witnesses of sexual violence and for ensuring the best interests of the child in investigations and criminal proceedings. We are committed to continue taking an active role in further developing the Barnahus model to better ensure justice for child victims across Europe. – Ms Regina Jensdottir, Council of Europe Coordinator on the Rights of the Child

”This was not difficult at all. It was like visiting someone at his home. The house was cosy and the people were nice. I wouldn’t mind coming back.” Child’s quote from Barnahúsið, Faroe Islands

Institutions, organisations, and parents bare a responsibility to guarantee happy childhoods, to ensure children who have suffered violence are protected, and to work with familes before risks arise. Wishing success for #EUBarnahus and all professionals who are committed to the standards.  – Zornitsa Russinova, Deputy Minister, Labour and Social Policy Bulgaria

It’s great that there is a house, a safe place, where children feel themselves safe, and which has all the necessary tools to help them. A child-friendly place, with a homelike and safe environment. – Words from a child psychologist at Barnahus Szombathely

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