Press review – December 2020
Dec 17, 2020

Where we highlight media mentions about Barnahus and similar setups around the world. 

Finland: Their Non-Violent Childhoods Action Plan now available in English. This action plan was first presented at the Finnish EU Presidency conference held in Helsinki in November 2019. It contains 93 actions and consist of fourteen chapters dealing with the prevention of emotional and physical violence and sexual violence from three different perspectives.

Finland: Taina Laajasalo appeared on the news to talk about their Barnahus project.

Germany: The newest Childhood-haus has opened in Düsseldorf. See a video, their website, and this news.

Georgia: Barnahus is planned to open there by 2021, supported by Unicef.

Latvia: Find out the details of a new multi-year EEA grant for implementing the International Police Cooperation and the Fight against Crime program. Support for the introduction of “Barnahus” in Latvia is one of 6 actions covered by this grant.

Norway: An article about what it’s like to be an interviewer. Google translate is recommended.

Ukraine: A Presidential decree has put forth, among other things, “providing additional procedural guarantees to minors during their interrogation, interrogation during criminal proceedings, based on best international practices, in particular on the Barnahus model.”

Mexico: Escobedo municipality announced construction is starting. “Mayor Clara Luz Flores Carrales explained that the cost of the building will be 3 million pesos and will be completed in 8 months.” (Editors note: a previous version of this news incorrectly assigned this progress to Spain.)

Sweden: The long-awaited Barnahus in Östersund, Sweden has opened. See the news, interior photos, the team introductions, and a video of the event. 

Sweden: Has compiled a list of the most useful methods and tools used by social services today for conversations with children.

UK: New book, Tackling Child Sexual Abuse: Radical Approaches to Prevention, Protection and Support by Sarah Nelson. Models which increase disclosures and reduce the trauma of investigation in child-centred ways are covered, including of course Barnahus.

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