Professionals in Cyprus trained by UK experts on a medical evaluation
Oct 20, 2018

Specifically a multidisciplinary approach to medical evaluation for sexually abused children

On 25-26 October 2018, Hope for Children organised a training on a multidisciplinary approach medical evaluation for sexually abused children, with a focus on the forensic and paediatric medical examination.

The aim of the training was to analyse and shape the optimal forensic medical examination and child protection medical examination for the Cypriot context. It also aimed to train professionals to get the information they need during this process yet to make the forensic examination an OK experience for the child and the family.

Key speakers included speakers included Dr. Andrea Goddard, Paediatrician and Ms Christine Murphy, Family Nurse, Crisis Counsellor both working at CYP Havens, King’s College Hospital in London, United Kingdom. They presented how the medical evaluation is performed at CYP Havens, including in which cases a medical evaluation occurs.

The training clarified the responsibility of decision making and how a medical examination should be performed for the benefit of the child. However, the multidisciplinary team, not the doctor alone, is responsible for making decisions. Therefore, more voices are heard. The importance of having very few people inside the room at the time of the examination was also highlighted.

24 participants took part, representing the Children’s House, Cyprus Police, Social Welfare Services, Ministry of Education (educational psychologist) and Culture, Ministry of Health, the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus, Governmental and Private Paediatricians, Governmental Forensic Doctors, General Attorney and ‘Hope for Children’ CRC Policy Center.

The training was organised by Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center as part of the PROMISE 2 project.

Watch our webinar mini-series on medical evaluation in the Barnahus to find out more.

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