PROMISE 2 is launched
Mar 27, 2018

The PROMISE 2 partnership is proud to announce the work to promote progress in establishing and operating Barnahus, or similar models, at national level in several European countries has begun. We met in Stockholm in January 2018 to plan the core tasks:

  • ensure commitment from key authorities by facilitating inter-agency dialogue in national strategic roundtables, as well as developing plans and roadmaps, inter-agency agreements and frameworks.
  • contribute to building a competent and committed workforce, including professionals from law enforcement, judiciary, medical and mental health staff and social workers.
  • translating the Barnahus Quality Standards, which define the principles and good practice standards for services that want to operate according to the Barnahus model, into several European languages.
  • organising training for Barnahus staff in forensic interviews, psychotherapy, medical treatment, multi-disciplinary collaboration and data collection. 
  • developing a methodology based on existing practices to gather children’s views on their experience in Barnahus.

Whether you are a formal partner or not, your engagement is essential to the PROMISE Vision: a Europe where child victims and witnesses of violence are protected by child-friendly interventions and rapid access to justice and care. To that end, you are heartily invited to be our informal partners:

  • The PROMISE resources are open and free for you to inspire actions at national and global levels to invest in Barnahus and similar models. Use the updated Vision, for example, as a tool for engagement and understanding. 
  • The webinar series will address fundamental topics and take deep dives into key challenges.
  • Encourage your colleagues to subscribe to the newsletter and social media for news about the progress in Europe and other important events.

In all cases, please send your questions, contributions and feedback. We are keen to help you address your biggest hurdles and to hear about your progress.

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