Involving children in case management – 
Experience and ideas from children and
practitioners in Bulgaria

About this publication

Participation is an important way of delivering protection. Involving children in decision-making is a
necessary way of understanding their lives and thus protecting them from harm. Moreover, participation is a
form of empowerment and that can enable children to make informed choices, giving them confidence to
express their views/ wishes and thus better protect themselves. It is arguably even more important that
children who have experienced violence are empowered to participate in decisions affecting them.1
The purpose of this publication is to offer professionals in Barnahus and similar models,
food for thought for safe and meaningful child participation in case management. It is
intended for professionals who work with children, child victims and witnesses of violence
or other crimes against children.

Drawing on consultations with children, practitioners and caregivers in Bulgaria, the
publication includes checklists, which propose non-exhaustive, adaptable lists of simple
ideas on how participation can be facilitated, stimulated, and enabled in safe and
meaningful way.

The overall aim of the checklists is to provide examples on how children and caregivers
who come to Barnahus and similar models can be offered safe and meaningful
opportunities to influence case management, including planning and implementation of
interventions related to their case, including the investigative interview and therapy.