Advocacy tool for promoting progress on Barnahus in Europe

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Promoting progress on Barnahus in Europe helps you develop national and regional advocacy strategies to promote progress on Barnahus. It discusses what progress means and looks at where we are today in Europe. It provides a step by step approach to creating an advocacy pathway in your country and sets out calls for action for key stakeholders such as Governments, authorities and agencies, services providers and advocates.

A number of different actors have a duty to protect the rights and well-being of a child who has been a victim of violence. They include social services, medical and mental health services and law enforcement actors. Each actor has an individual responsibility to ensure that their role is fulfilled.

However, these different services must also work together to ensure a comprehensive and well-coordinated response to the child’s situation. Coordination is key to preventing the child from being exposed to repetitious and potentially intimidating experiences, which can cause (re)traumatization and hinder disclosure.