Mapping of forensic medical interventions at Barnahus across Europe

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Announcing the results of a 2020 mapping of forensic medical interventions at Barnahus across Europe.

Read this report for an overview on practice in Europe in the medical room.

The report compiles information from Barnahus about their course of action regarding forensic medical examinations in the context of multidisciplinary interventions, including: the order of interventions, who decides a forensic medical evaluation is needed, what are the guidelines for referral, how are acute cases identified and what special process do they go through, protocols for questioning used by the forensic medical examiner to prevent the contamination of evidence prior to forensic interview, and more.

The Promise Barnahus Network promotes the under-one-roof approach, where coordinated agencies collaborate at the same location, leading to a greater emphasis on the multidisciplinary and interagency approach, and reducing the potential lack of coordination among the professionals represented by the ‘four rooms’ present in the Barnahus.

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