PROMISE Hub guidance and manual

The PROMISE Hub is a case management software, developed by Bonigi, and provided by the PROMISE Barnahus Network that has been developed to support multidisciplinary case management in Barnahus. It provides Barnahus with a simple tool to:

  • record the daily events in each case, thereby providing a useful case management tool;
  • measure performance at each Barnahus, nationally, and internationally on progress towards meeting the PROMISE Barnahus Quality Standards;
  • collect comparable European data on violence against children and their interventions, which may be used to influence policy, law and practice.

The Hub Guidance document provides information about data protection and key considerations for using PROMISE Hub in the appropriate and safest manner. It also provides a template user agreement.

The user guide is a manual for how to record data in the tool.

Registered users have access to their Barnahus’ Hub at: