Tracking progress towards meeting the Barnahus Quality Standards

The PROMISE Tracking Tool is a self-evaluation tool based in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet directed at internal learning and the results can be used to define steps that services can take to bring it closer to the Barnahus model and the Barnahus Quality Standards. It is strictly related to an evaluation of the setup and operation of the service and not a tool to evaluate the impact on beneficiaries.

The criteria are scored according to one of two categories: ‘yes’ (=1) or ‘no’ (=0).

The results of the exercise will generate a mediate score (% of reached criteria). If the total score is 100% the service has fulfilled all the criteria. The results of the tracking exercise will give a general indication of where a service finds itself in the process of fulfilling the criteria and practicing in line with the Barnahus model. It is recommended that a diverse group of 6-8 professionals and beneficiaries complete the tracking tool, since the scoring might differ depending on different perspectives and experience. The following perspectives are relevant to provide a comprehensive perspective:

1. Management
2. Service providers/professionals in the service
3. Clients

The tracking tool can be completed individually, but it is recommended that the team in the service meets to complete the exercise together. Once the evaluation has been completed, it is recommended that the management and professionals from the service discuss and share their perspectives, including what the results imply in terms of organisational development.

Download the tool:

English: Introduction to the Tracking Tool PDF and the PROMISE Tracking Tool Excel (zip)

Svenska: Så här använder du uppföljningsverktyget PDF och Uppföljningsverktyget Excel (zip)