Judicial workshop in Cyprus enhances national efforts to implement child-friendly practices
Sep 14, 2018

On 13 September 2018, a workshop was organised on the topic of judicial procedures for child-friendly justice. 36 participants attended the workshop representing the Children’s House, Cyprus Police, Social Welfare Services, General Attorney, Supreme Court and “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center.

The aim was to enhance national efforts to implement child-friendly practices in the context of the creation of the Children’s House. Judges, prosecutors, police and social welfare representatives took part. The workshop featured Judge Dr. Lana Peto Kujundzic, PhD, President of the Juvenile Justice Department of Zagreb, President of the Association of Juvenile Judges, Family Judges and Child Experts in Croatia.

The participants discussed and agreed that children should be heard in a child-friendly space outside of the Court. The Children’s house was supported as such a place, with psychologists and social workers that are trained to work with child victims. It is a familiar place to children who have visited for assessment and therapy, yet is not a casual place. The participants discussed the many needs and rights of child victims, and the importance of avoiding undue delay and of hearing the child. The workshop further discussed the role of judges and prosecutors, and the importance for judges to have specialised education in this topic. The “Child – friendly justice – checklist for professionals” was used as a discussion tool.

The workshop was organised by Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center as part of the PROMISE 2 project.

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