Due to high demand for the PROMISE courses, we are introducing a way for you to easily sign up to the waitlists.

The courses will be launched in autumn 2020. Each course will be held twice in the next two years.

Partners in PROMISE 3 will take up most of the seats in each course, but we do plan to have some free spaces available for reasonable fees, with preference to PROMISE Network Members. These spaces will be avaible at a flat cost of 250 EUR per person per course.

If the waitlist grows large enough, we may consider holding another round of the course(s) with the highest demand. Costs for spaces in these courses will range between 800 EUR to 2000 EUR per person per course, depending on the course.

Please note that examination places in PROMISE courses are exclusively for current or incoming staff in a Barnahus or similar setup. If you have colleagues/stakeholders who are interested to follow a course without credits or a certificate of completion being awarded, please note this in the space provided.

We encourage you to review the current drafts of the course descriptions before signing up for the waitlist. Video introductions of the courses are also available for further information, at the links below.

Download our course descriptions
Video introduction to the therapy trainings
Video introduction to the forensic interview training

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