Still accepting applications
Oct 22, 2020

The PROMISE Barnahus Network is pleased to announce that membership applications are still open!

Each new member brings important experience and knowledge which enhances the Network’s ability to undertake its mission, and brings us closer to realising our vision. As a member-led organization, we eagerly want to learn from you and with you as we continue on this journey to establish Barnahus and similar services throughout Europe. Some of our member benefits include:
  • Priority access in trainings, study visits, conference participation, tools, etc. The activities will be free or subsidized for members, when possible. Because these particular activities are in high demand, it may be that we are ONLY able to offer them to Network members at times.
  • The availability of Network representatives to speak at conferences, or to join projects as partners or external experts to give specialized support.
  • Inclusion in our ongoing visibility and networking efforts.
  • A voice in the activities and developments within the network.
  • Visibility in being part of a known and well-respected actor promoting Barnahus and similar setups. Take a look at the members you will be joining up with.
  • Support when you need it, where you need it.
Member benefits are not limited to the planned activities nor the resources disseminated. As the eyes and ears of the Network, its Secretariat is also the support desk for Network members. We listen to your challenges and triumphs; connect members to information and colleagues which might help; field questions and ideas; and even establish a new working group or activity when there is enough demand.
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