Survey: Procedural safeguards for child victims in the criminal proceedings at Barnahus
Dec 16, 2020

Earlier this year, the Promise network conducted a survey on the way in which Barnahus works in countries across Europe.  We included questions on how the work of Barnahus addresses the procedural safeguards for child victims in the criminal proceedings applied under the EU legal framework. Amongst others, we addressed questions on whether and how Barnahus is part of the criminal investigation, whether video-recorded testimony can be used in court proceedings or in what circumstances children need to testify, what actors are involved in the forensic interview, their training and inter-agency mechanisms.

We are now following up with a new short survey to build up our common reservoir of knowledge on measures for child victims in Barnahus. This current set of questions focuses on a number of key aspects in proceedings. First we would like to learn about the steps taken to ensure the needs of children are identified and met, and in particular how they are provided with information, support and assistance and how their voices are heard. We also want to learn more about the different roles of legal professionals including judges and prosecutors in your systems.  Finally, we would like to explore to whether Barnahus in your country is involved or affected by other investigative proceedings might run in parallel to the criminal proceedings, such as processes intended to safeguard children at risk from suspected abusers. 

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