When a trend becomes a movement – the Barnahus Movement
Nov 16, 2016

We have seen substantial progress in Europe since the launch of the PROMISE Project during fall 2015. Lithuania opened a Barnahus in June and Hungary formally opened this week. Croatia, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland are working to expand their existing child-friendly services with inspiration from the Barnahus model. Cyprus, England, Estonia, Germany, Latvia and Malta are soon to launch new models and operations. Significant processes is being in many other countries in gathering support for establishing the Barnahus or comparable models.

PROMISE is supporting the Barnahus movement by developing a package of materials, such as: an overview of international standards concerning children’s access to justice; quality standards and a system for internal control and monitoring; documentation of success factors in establishing and developing Barnahus; advocacy material. These tools are currently being tested by the PROMISE partners and 11 pilot countries. The participants in the PROMISE project have benefited, and will continue to benefit, from study visits to Barnahus and comparable models in Croatia, Iceland, Sweden and the Netherlands and to several professional exchange meetings.

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