Network training supports members’ response to COVID-19
Mar 1, 2021

A top priority for the establishment of the Network was to be able to provide training to its members in a more dynamic way than on a project basis. That is to say, not needing to plan today for your training needs 2 or more years from now.

Phase 3 of PROMISE was designed to kickstart the activities planned in the 5-year strategy of the PROMISE Barnahus Network. These activities include university-level training in the areas of forensic interviewing and therapy, with a few spaces reserved specifically to be able to invite Network members for low or – if possible – no fees.

On the basis of our waitlist for PROMISE courses, the Network was able to invite 3 participants from Iceland and 2 from Croatia to the forensic interview training with avatar practice. These additional trainees were brought on staff support the response to increased demand on Barnahus Iceland and the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the Network was able to provide dynamic support to these Member countries in their response.

The avatar practice seminars continue into 2021, giving all 30 participants in the course ample opportunity to learn from one another and to improve their practice. The extra participants are bringing notable added value to the group. For example, the clinical psychologist interviewers from Zagreb and the police interviewers from Slovenia are practising their craft together – thereby forming a particularly unique exchange between professions and across borders.

From the 2020 Annual Report of the PROMISE Barnahus Network

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