Participatory cultures in Barnahus

Above: The Lundy model of child participation as applied to Barnahus 

Announcing 2 new publications about child participation and Barnahus

At a May 2020 meeting, PROMISE Barnahus network members expressed great interest in ensuring that the voices of children were properly sought through their journey in Barnahus. They were also keen to share their own experiences around child participation in their respective countries.

In response, the Child Participation Working Group (CPWG) of the Network was established, with the overall purpose to promote a participatory culture in Barnahus through exchange, dialogue, research, capacity-building and development of policy and tools.

These two publications were the first assignments for this Working Group. 


Building a culture of participation in barnahus: Implementing Children’s Right to Participate in Decision-Making

Authored by Dr Louise Hill, Professor Laura Lundy & Dr Mary Mitchell, this paper explores ways of embedding child participation in Barnahus across Europe, drawing on the Lundy model of child participation. The Lundy model encourages decision-makers to address the qualities of rights-based participation using four concepts: Space, Voice, Audience and Influence. They apply to any issue and any decision affecting individual children or children as a group. Furthermore, the Lundy model provides explicit recognition of the interaction of article 12 with all other rights in the CRC, including the right to be protected from harm in Article 19 of the CRC – another foundational principle of the Barnahus model.

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Mapping child participation in Barnahus in Europe – Survey results 2021

This report maps child participation in Barnahus to better understand how the voices of children are currently heard and expressed in Barnahus settings in Europe, and as such provides an important baseline. The mapping identifies potential methods and processes that can help PROMISE Barnahus Network members to further empower children during their journey through Barnahus in an even more meaningful way.

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