Safeguarding measures for the child protection room

Overview of the webinar:

The overall objective of the webinar is to analyse the cross-cutting elements between child safeguarding and the process of casework run in the Barnahus. The webinar will explore the organisational, case management and child protection aspects of Barnahus, the differences and commonalities between the child protection and child safeguarding during the casework with victims/survivors and witnesses of abuse. The potential risks and prevention measures that need to be set in place to not cause harm during the assessment process, the case management and multidisciplinary team meetings. The webinar will be interactive and reflecting the practices of Barnahus by sharing case scenarios of safeguarding concerns during the casework and how those can be addressed. It will include an introduction to the Barnahus quality standards, and how we more broadly think about child safeguarding as an internal policy, and its reflection in the General Code of Conduct and reporting procedures and in the context of case management.

Target audience: Professionals from the social welfare system, Law enforcement agencies, social workers, and psychologists

Introductory Presentations:

Child Safeguarding – what is it, what elements does it include (policy, procedure, reporting, accountability, leadership, awareness raising, capacity building and response, and organisational culture – Alketa Lasku, Regional Child Protection & Safeguarding Adviser- Terre des hommes, Europe
The Barnahus Model and the Quality Standards – professionalism and safeguarding- Olivia Lind Haldorsson- Senior Adviser and Head of Children at Risk Unit, CBSS Secretariat
Voice from Barnahus “Child safeguarding in the context of child protection work”: Kim Rasmussen (Social worker and Coordinator, Denmark)

Moderator: Alketa Lasku

KEY Elements to be elaborated:

Child Protection and Child Safeguarding
Safeguarding and Needs Assessment
Working together as MDIA and the potential safeguarding risks and mitigation strategies
The child Protection Room and the MDIA approach as overarching in the Barnahus model
Short summary of the Quality Standard 1,2,3,4,5,8,9
Key recommendations for safeguarding in the context of case work

The webinars are hosted by the Child Protection Hub and are produced by Terre des Hommes, which is a partner of PROMISE 3 and a member of the PROMISE Barnahus Network.

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