Combined child-parent cognitive behavioural therapy (CPC-CBT)

This lecture series on combined child-parent cognitive behavioural therapy (CPC-CBT) features Bengt Söderström from Allmänna Barnhuset in Sweden. It is geared towards those who will soon train in CPC-CBT, and also those who are evaluating the therapeutic method for use in your setting. Topics covered in the lecture series include:

  • Swedish research on Physical Child Abuse and on CPC-CBT, featuring results from national child abuse surveys – incidence, risk and health indicators. CPC-CBT results reported in national and international studies.
  • Conjoint therapy – Experiences, benefits and challenges. In CPC-CBT two co-therapists work both together and separate, one with the parents and one with the child, coordinating separate processes, aiming at a common goal. – Issues to consider and measures to optimise therapist cooperation.
  • Child Sexual Abuse and Child Physical Abuse in families – Featuring discussions on treatment and case management differences, common factors and differences in therapeutic approach and case management, recommendations, treatment theory and professional experience.