Journey to the Lighthouse – an interview

When we were bidding for this, I said to Emma ‘If you don’t lead this service, I’m not going to do it.’Dr. Rob Senior

This webinar, in the format of an online book party, celebrated the launch of Emma Harewood’s book about her journey to launching The Lighthouse. It also features an interview with the author about the Lighthouse, the turning points to launching the service, her motivation to persevere on the long journey to launching it, and what to expect in the future. Special speakers who had a key role in the process to launching the service bring extra insight.

“As a health practitioner, I was vehemently protective of the children’s data and did not think that many children and families would want their data shared with an evaluation team. Interestingly, because the families that use The Lighthouse want to see it continue for future families, over 80% consented …”

Page 146, Journey to the Lighthouse, Emma Harewood

The Journey to the Lighthouse is essential reading for anyone on their own journey to launch and operate Barnahus and similar setups – not only for inspiration but also on practical considerations for every step along the way.

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The Lighthouse is a full member of the PROMISE Barnahus Network.

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