Working together in the best interests of the child

Working together in the best interests of the child: discussions on the formal agreements and the daily work of multidisciplinary interagency cooperation

This webinar took a deeper look at the Barnahus Quality Standards 2 & 5: Multidisciplinary and interagency collaboration, and Interagency case management. A panel of experts interactively discussed key questions. This is a type of discussion only the PROMISE experts and partners have had direct access to – until now.

The PROMISE Webinar Series is co-organised with Terre des Hommes, a partner of this project, as part of the ChildHub’s child protection webinar series.

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September 18, 2020

The PROMISE Barnahus Quality Standards

Barnahus Quality Standards, Child protection, Competent staff, Criminal investigation, Enabling environment, Establishing Barnahus, Excellence in practice, Getting to yes, Mental health, Multidisciplinary, Physical health

The PROMISE Barnahus Quality Standards are composed of underlying principles, specific activities and institutional arrangements that enable child-centred and effective, collaborative actions. Find out more and download the Standards...

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