Law as one enabling factor for the Barnahus 

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There are many ways to use legislation to enable the setup and success of the Barnahus. From full legislation to no legislation, having the perfect law in place is incredibly useful, yet not an absolute condition for establishing a well-functioning cooperation. With a focus on the benefits of legislation, watch this webinar to hear about best practices learned from the application of law that can be applied universally, and also to discuss crucial factors for achieving a well-functioning Barnahus.

This webinar is aimed at all professionals working to establish and improve Barnahus or similar setups which are providing a multidisciplinary and interagency response to child victims and witnesses of violence.

About the speakers:

Anne-Lise Farstad from Statens barnehus Kristiansand shared the Norwegian perspective. While the first Barnahus in Norway was established almost 11 years ago, Norway has only had legislation covering Barnahus for 3 years. Even without legislation, the conclusion of a national evaluation in 2012 was that Barnahus was a success.

Kim Risom Rasmussen from Børnehus Sjælland and Merete Bonde Jørgensen from the National Board of Social Services shared the Danish perspective. Denmark established Barnahus through a new stand-alone law that regulates the multi-disciplinary and interagency cooperation and procedures in Barnahus. Public awareness and outrage about child protection failures combined with a broad consensus that the Barnahus model would be a sensible investment for Denmark enabled the political commitment for swift law and policy reform to establish the model.

The PROMISE Webinar Series is co-organised with Terre des Hommes, a partner of this project, as part of the ChildHub’s child protection webinar series.

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