Recording of child interviews

There is much more to recording interviews at a Barnahus than setting up a system and hitting record. To best perform its role, a Barnahus must comply with local/international rules and regulations of evidence recording, and be able to produce a recorded interview that holds up to scrutiny in court.

Key considerations include:

  • Keeping a chain of custody along recording process – either manually or digitally.
  • Proving authenticity, in a world where ‘deep fakes’ are becoming exceedingly easy to produce;
  • Proving the child was not influenced during the interview;
  • Building trust in the evidence recording procedure from day 1;
  • Ensuring data is readable long into the future, and that secure access is possible on demand;
  • Planning for the storage requirements of exponential growth in interview files;
  • GDPR implications.

Who the course is for

  • Decisionmakers and policymakers who are evaluating their options
  • Forensic interviewers in Barnahus and similar services, and the technical staff supporting the process
  • Barnahus managers, and those who are involved in setting up the service and/or upgrading their existing interview suite
  • Anyone else who would find this course content useful in their work towards meeting the Barnahus Quality Standards.

What you will learn

  • Why to record, including child rights aspects, child developmental aspects, and legal support for recording of interviews for use in court;
  • Protecting the evidence, including legal and practical considerations, how to prove the child was not influenced during the interview;
  • Making the recording, including formats, encoding, storage and access;
  • Analysing the recording, both as a multidisciplinary team and in support of the team’s work;
  • The role of high-quality recordings for building trust within multidisciplinary teams, and the trust of the Barnahus by the national systems;
  • Presenting the recording in criminal procedures, including in court, proving authenticity;
  • Archiving, storage, and streaming considerations;
  • Selecting and onboarding a system, including budgeting and guidance for advocating with decision makers.

About the instructors

This course is co-created by Indico Systems and the Barnahus Network. The Indico secure digital recording and evidential management system is currently in use by a number of Barnahus and similar setups through Europe.

Format and length

The course is delivered online through a mix of recorded lectures and live seminars. It takes a few hours a week over several weeks to complete the course.

Live seminars feature expert consultation and international exchange with your peers.

As always, the varied policies and practices shared by your colleagues from across Europe is a key added value of taking part in this course.


The course is delivered in English.

Subtitles, translations, and live interpretation can be arranged according to your needs and budget. Contact us to learn more.



TBD. Barnahus Network Members have subsidized or – when possible – free access to this type of support.

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The first course is planned to start in March 2021.

Sign up to the waitlist to be invited to take part. First come, first served, with priority going to Barnahus Network members.

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