Expert consultations

Connect with PROMISE experts to consult on a specific case, to get a second opinion or get specific advice in relation to a specific child protection intervention/case in your Barnahus.

Or, in conjunction with your planning session, working group meeting, workshop, lecture, or conference, we will send one or two top European experts to support your work towards establishing Barnahus and meeting the Barnahus Quality Standards.

Our experts have proven experience in promoting progress and influencing key decision makers, including by:

  • participating in roundtables to share experience, answer questions, and give advice based on their experience;

  • inspiring decision makers with paradigm-shifting presentations about the impact – for children and professionals alike – when working interdisciplinarity under one roof;

  • speaking doctor to doctor, judge to judge, prosecutor to prosecutor, etc about key considerations and opportunities;

  • linking national progress towards Barnahus to the international movement and practice.

About the experts

The PROMISE expert group includes practitioners, educators, researchers and advocates from across disciplines, including child protection, who can provide you with the targeted support you need.

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In most cases, our fee per day per expert is 450 EUR, plus travel and accommodation, or per diem, if relevant. We will work with you to design something to fit your budget.

PROMISE Barnahus Network Members have subsidized or – when possible – free access to this type of support. 

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According to your schedule, depending on the availability of our experts. Be in contact with us early to start planning. 



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