Plan a study visit to a Barnahus

A visit to a Barnahus is a rite of passage for a team who is studying if Barnahus will work in their context, or who is tasked with establishing one. More than that, it is an unmissable opportunity for aligning a steering group or multidisciplinary team to the same end goal.  

Based on your national context and ongoing debates, we can propose which Barnahus to visit and introduce you to the team. We can give guidance on who to bring with you on the visit, and on other considerations for the study visit – including on if there are opportunities to combine the visit with training and practice.    

About the value of the professional exchange that a study visit provides – it goes both ways. We hear time and again from experienced Barnahus that they learn quite a lot from engaged and curious visitors: about the legal framework and practices of other countries, the hurdles they have on the way to establishing Barnahus, and how they are solving them. Moreover, thought provoking questions often get to the heart of unspoken agreements about how things should work. The result is an exchange that supports the Barnahus’ ongoing evaluation and evolution of their service, and in ensuring excellence in practice.  

What people are saying 

“On our visit to Oslo, we were struck by how the Barnahus provided wrap-around support.  Members therefore welcome the Scottish Government’s ongoing work to introduce a similar approach for child victims and witnesses in Scotland.” – Margaret Mitchell MSP, Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee Convener 


PROMISE Barnahus Network Members have free access to this type of support.

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According to your schedule, depending on the availability of relevant Barnahus. Be in contact with us early to start planning.

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