Professional networking and exchange

Our professional networks and exchanges are member-led initiatives based on thematic areas or professional specialization. They support Barnahus staff to connect with their peers from around Europe, and to gain access to a vibrant exchange of knowledge, experience and practice. Examples include:

  • Exchange information and experience, including for example: job descriptions, case consultations, peer-support and mentorship, pathways and referrals through their section of Barnahus, emerging trends and specific target groups, and more;
  • Advise the Network on the standing needs and emerging trends in their professional area;
  • Map and evaluate promising practices and tools, and develop good practice guidance;
  • Providing input, guidance and support of thematic strands of projects and activities of the Network, including the development and delivery of customized consultations and interventions upon the request of member countries
  • Evaluating evidence-based and practice-based training opportunities related to this thematic area;
  • Arranging thematic events in conjunction with the Network conferences and meetings.
  • And more, depending on the area.

Current initiatives

  • Child participation working group – in support of the child participation activities in our current project, is mapping child participation work in Barnahus and developing guidance on ensuring a participatory culture In Barnahus.
  • Professional Networking and Exchange Sessions  – using an ‘ask the audience’ or ‘tour de table’ format, this dynamic consultation format are an opportunity to raise questions and concerns that have an impact on the daily work in Barnahus and to get practical input from practitioners in similar positions who have resources or advice.

New initiatives are starting up all the time, based on your feedback and desire to lead. Contact us to make a suggestion.

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PROMISE Barnahus Network Members have free access to this type of support.

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