Medical evaluation in Barnahus

We can support your work to develop your Barnahus’ medical services and support your team’s professional development by organising tailormade lectures, working group meetings or workshops on medical examinations in Barnahus.

Our sessions will support your work towards establishing Barnahus and meeting the Barnahus Quality Standards. According to the Barnahus Quality Standards, a medical evaluation is carried out to ensure a victim’s right to health and to secure forensic evidence for investigative purposes. As part of its medical services, a Barnahus or similar setup should also provide treatment and referrals to specialists as integral parts of its service.

Depending on your needs, we can offer online or offline sessions with top European experts – including paediatricians and medical forensic doctors, covering a wide range of topics.

    Who the course is for

    • Professionals working with medical services for children inside and outside Barnahus
    • Barnahus staff

    What you will learn

    Depending on your needs, you will learn more about, for example:

    • Why medical evaluation is important for the wellbeing of children and the investigation,
    • best practices for a multi-disciplinary cooperation which includes medical evaluation,
    • the types of medical providers who should be available to the Barnahus and the additional training they may need,
    • what a child-friendly exam room may look like,
    • the process when a medical problem is detected that would otherwise would have gone unnoticed,
    • recognizing child sexual abuse,
    • child participation in the medical room,
    • ensuring treatment and follow-up.

    Format and length

    Tailor-made according to your needs – online or offline


    The course is delivered in English.

    Subtitles, translations, and live interpretation can be arranged according to your needs and budget. Contact us to learn more.


    We will work with you to design something to fit your budget. Barnahus Network Members have subsidized or – when possible – free access to this type of support.

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    According to your schedule, depending on the availability of our experts. Be in contact with us early to start planning.

    Further information

    See our medical webinar series for introductory information related to medical evaluations in Barnahus.



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