Tailor-made training and support

In collaboration with you and based on your needs, we will develop a custom intervention that engages top experts in Europe and abroad who will support your work towards establishing Barnahus and meeting the Barnahus Quality Standards.

Content could include:

  • virtual or on-site training – select from the standard courses and support that we describe on this website, or propose something new;

  • virtual or on-site expert consultation in working groups, workshops, lectures and conferences;

  • legal and social context analysis;

  • developing roadmaps, strategies, law and policy;

  • on-site evaluation;

  • preparing study visits to develop competence and excellence in practice;

  • or suggest something else.

NB: If you plan to use project funding, we highly recommend being in contact with us first. We can help with the description, justification and budget, and start planning the availability of our experts to ensure coverage. We can also agree in advance if a project partnership or a subcontractor arrangement would be the best fit. Please note that we expect that the coordinators of these project applications will apply to become members of the Barnahus Network. Read more >

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Variable. We will work with you to design something to fit your budget.

In most cases, our fee per day per expert is 450 EUR, with certain trainings having a special price. Other costs to budget for include: travel, accommodation, venue, catering, live-interpretation and equipment, translation of training materials. Do also consider the resources needed to plan and coordinate not only with the Network team, but also with the participants. This should include planning to support the success of the participants, including through locally based practice, mentorship and supervision if relevant, and also to ensure sustainability and long-term follow-up.

Barnahus Network Members have subsidized access to this type of support.

Read more >


According to your schedule, depending on the availability of our experts. Be in contact with us early to start planning. 



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